Aurora Investment Managers, LLC. (AIM) is a
Registered Investment Adviser with the U
.S. Securities
and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the
Investment Adviser Act of 1940. Our only source of
compensation is derived from the fees paid by our
clients, not commissions paid by third parties;
therefore, our incentives are aligned with those of our
clients, and our success is highly dependent upon the
performance of their portfolios.

AIM invests in a variety of asset classes including, but
not limited to, Domestic and International Equities as
well as Fixed Income Securities with a focus on clients'
specific investment needs.

Aurora, we abide by strict ethical standards and
cherish our integrity, which eliminates conflicts of
interest between
AIM and our clients. This assurance
provides our clients with a high level of satisfaction and
a sense of financial security.

Our goal is to provide client-centric investment solutions
with superior customer service. Through extensive
research and analysis, we work to discover
opportunistic investment situations.
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We have included a link to an Investment News article written by Aurora's
Chief Investment Officer, Shakeel Dewji, in January 2009:
Riding Out the Tides of Inflation, Deflation
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