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Investment Philosophy
At Aurora, we believe in using fundamental research to find
value opportunities in the market. We take a bottom-up
approach, meaning that we want to understand each individual
company and its merit, as opposed to looking at the market as
a broad indicator. Our Value focus looks for companies trading
at discounts to their intrinsic values. Analyst estimates have a
poor record of forecasting quarterly earnings, so the price an
investor pays for a security is the most important factor.

Today the United States of America represents only about 50%
of global GDP, and according to the IMF, the U
.S. is not even in
the top 25 countries in terms of GDP growth. In spite of this,
most U
.S. investors tend to over-invest in their home country
and forgo growth opportunities abroad. Our research has
uncovered many of these undiscovered companies, and we
take advantage of global growth by creating a diversified
portfolio containing a mixture of domestic and international